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Most Commonly Asked Questions

Who are Harkaway Homes? 
First established in 1986, Harkaway Homes is a fully Australian-owned company and has become the industry leader and benchmark in Australian Reproduction Housing.

Why build a Harkaway Home? 
Put simply, Harkaway Homes reproduce the very best heritage profiled verandahed housing in the land. 

Explain Designs...
Harkaway Homes have on offer nine ranges of the absolute best Olde Worlde roofline designs of yesteryear.  Many are complex but easily tamed by today's "State of the Art" Wallframes and Truss Technology.

How do Harkaway Homes achieve the Olde Worlde look? 
Sufficient height is the critical factor when reproducing Olde Worlde homes. Our exclusive high wall system gives greater outer wall height without the impracticalities of overly high ceilings. 
For example, common to our products would be a 12' external wall height with a 9' ceiling ... producing the best of both worlds. 

Do verandahs darken the home? 
One of the many attributes of the Early Australian home and probably the most important is the verandah. Harkaway Homes exclusive high wall system allows verandahs to be positioned comfortably to the home, creating correct falls and profiles, giving instant character, whilst not depriving the home of most important natural light. 

Are floor plans flexible? 
All floor plans are 100% flexible at no extra cost. We actively encourage our clients to personalise floor plans to suit their individual requirements. 

What do you include in your Lock-Up Construction Packages? 
Harkaway Homes supply as normal, all of the things a builder would generally tell you "you can't do that, it will cost you a fortune". The nice things like high ceilings, leadlights, French doors, complex rooflines and much more. 

Do your homes meet Energy Rating requirements? 
Yes.  All Harkaway Homes designs and plans are energy efficient and are assessed to ensure that they meet with Government Energy Rating requirements. 

How long before we can start building? 
Generally it takes around fifteen weeks to progress to the "ready to build" stage depending on Council etc. Harkaway Homes suggest giving yourself the maximum amount of time available to avoid delays. 

What sort of timeframe does it take to build a Harkaway Home? 
Generally around 16-20 weeks depending on the size of your home and the speed you wish the project to travel. 

What is Project Managed? 
Most Harkaway Homes clients build as Project Managers. That is registering the project as an Owner Builder and having all of the work performed by subcontractors. We highly recommend this process and heavily support the construction with overview, advice and sub contractor networks. 

Will Harkaway Homes assist us with the location of tradespeople? 
Yes. Via our customer base, we have an ever increasing register of preferred subcontractors networked into your area. 

What if I have tradespeople? 
That is great! Harkaway Homes staff are happy to work with, brief and advise your tradespeople on any aspect of the construction.

Explain Suppliers...
Accompanying our "tailored to your requirements" design, we offer quality Construction Packages to the Lock-Up Stage. These packages include many choices of products including types of windows, leadlights etc. 

How does it all work? 
FLOORS: Harkaway Homes products commence from the floor level up. Because the floor itself is an unknown quantity, it is not included in the price. 
For example, the floor might be a concrete slab, a timber floor or a specially designed floor. 
However, Harkaway Homes offer full assistance with the design and drafting of your floor and further assistance as to estimated costs and location of reliable tradespeople for installation. 
THE HOUSEFRAME: After the floor is completed, your fully prefabricated houseframe arrives onsite ready to commence frame erection. 
THE CLADDINGS: Harkaway Homes supplies the external claddings, roofing etc., on a coordinated delivery basis continuing a complete overview of the project. 

What is the Lock-Up Stage? 
The Lock-Up Stage entails as it suggests, a fully locked-up house in a pre-plaster, pre-electric, pre-plumbing situation. Inside the house are the internal stud walls. 

Do your Packages include drafting? 
Yes. All drawings including clear and understandable floor plans, elevations, sectional drawings, subfloor floor design, block plans, computations and Energy Reports are included. 

Will you assist me through Council etc? 
Together we will progress the project through the Town Planning and Building approvals processes. 

Are Harkaway Homes affordable? 
Harkaway Homes offer architect quality at around half of the "architect built" price. Sound commonsense, rectangle-based Olde Worlde designs assure cost effective construction

Why don't you supply interiors?
Harkaway Homes specialises in producing the best exteriors available. Good exteriors are hard to find, there are however many choices in interior products today, both low cost and readily available. 

Do you provide support? 
Harkaway Homes have an excellent reputation both with our clients and within the housing industry. Our success is firmly based on highly-trained, dedicated staff offering strong customer service and support. We offer a six days a week advice line with the complete overview of the entire construction process. All with the common goal of producing a quality home product. 

Where do we go from here? 
By request, a consultant will be readily available to clarify your requirements and offer explanations to any questions you may have, then assist you throughout items such as floor plan design, window layouts, house siting, soil test, information, etc.  Only when all aspects are clear and you are well informed and ready to proceed, do we ask for a deposit. We then continue to the drafting stage of the process.

In Summary...
Our Harkaway Homes products offer perfect profiles, proven high resale values, integrity of design, industry leading brand name, flexible floor plans (at no extra cost), predictable outcomes and you control the construction. Our homes are the best of both worlds with internal and external heights, natural light from correctly fitted verandahs and most important of all, Harkaway Homes offer genuine help and assistance throughout the entire project.

For further information such as our Deluxe Components and Price List,
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