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General Information

Harkaway Homes are marketed to individuals with requirements that are not satisfied by the 
"tack on a finial and call it federation" mediocrity of today's main stream housing.  
Our homes are designed to express individuality, to be a constant pleasure to live in 
and to be admired by all.


Architect quality without the architect price equals sound predictable outcomes and proven affordability.  Factors that comfortably satisfy lending authorities.


Harkaway Homes are a multi-award winning company having won awards with the Master Builders Associations "Excellence in Housing" for four years in a row.


Harkaway Homes are built by three methods - Do It Yourself, the Project Managed method or erected by a builder.

By far the majority of our clients choose the Project Managed option, that is registration as an Owner Builder with the balance of the construction being completed using sub-contracted labour.

Harkaway Homes encourages this method as the most desirable to achieve maximum savings, whilst maintaining a high quality finish.

Ceiling Heights

Harkaway Homes ceiling heights are 9' (2.7m) or as an option 10' (3.0m).

Both heights will comfortably accomodate ornate cornices and ceiling rosettes.


All deliveries are made to site on a coordinated basis allowing Harkaway Homes staff a hands-on appreciation of your home's progress.  This method also minimises the risk of weather damage and pilferage.


Harkaway Homes produce quality exterior designs covering all aspects of the Victorian and Federation periods.  House sizes ranges to 40 squares plus.


All drafting costs are included in our price structure. After consulting with our staff, in which your requirements and floor plan will be discussed and finalised, our draftsman will present you with drawings and details of the home including all Elevations, Computations, Specifications and Energy Rating Report as a package for presentation to council.  Our trained staff are on hand to assist you with smooth passage throughout the Permits process.

Dress Accessories

Victorian eaves brackets add the finishing touch above verandah lines and beyond.  Solid timber gable vents are both pleasing and practical.  Timber finials (spires atop gables) with leadlight windows and front entry surrounds complete the homes traditional appearance.

Floor Plan Flexibility

Beneath the Olde World facade, every Harkaway Home lies modern day wall frame and truss technology creating strengthen stability and floor plan flexibility. Internal walls can be positioned to suit your requirements, be it a traditional floor plan or open plan living.


Harkaway Homes products commence from the floor level up.  Because the floor itself is an unknown quantity, it is not included in the price.  For example, a floor might be a concrete slab, a timber floor or a specifically designed floor.

Floors (cont:)

However, Harkaway Homes offers assistance with the design and drafting of your floor and further assistance as to estimated costs and location of reliable tradesperson for the installation.

Good Ol' Verandahs

One of the many attributes of the Early Australian Home and probably the most important is the verandah.  Harkaway Homes exclusive high wall system allows verandahs to position comfortably to the home, creating correct falls and profiles, giving instant character whilst not depriving the home of most important light.

Harkaway Homes Verandah Packages are a late stage attachment to the home.  That is, they simply connect to the exterior walls and can be positioned whenever and wherever required.  

Verandahs come in many shapes and sizes - for example Harkaway Homes offer both Bullnosed and Straight verandahs in a choice of either 6' (1.8m) or 8' (2.4m) wide. Verandahs are quoted per lineal metre and commence from the floor level up.


Sufficient height is the critical factor when reproducing Olde Worlde homes.  

Our exclusive high wall system gives greater outer wall height without the impracticalities of overly high ceiling levels.  For example, common to our products would be 12' (3.6m) external wall height with a 9' (2.7m) ceiling... producing the best of both worlds.

Houseframe Erection

Harkaway Homes offers houseframe erection by our carpenter or yours, depending on your location.  Our Price List is inclusive of houseframe erection within a distance of 100 kilometres from our Head Office.  A surcharge of $1,650 is applicable for houseframe erection elsewhere in Victoria.  This surcharge covers travelling, accommodation, fuel, etc for the team. Substantial rebates apply when local area tradespeople are chosen for houseframe section. Our Production team will support local area subcontractors erecting the houseframe by providing clear and simple details, briefings and overview, ensuring desired result.


Harkaway Homes Construction Packages are sold in stages.  Stage 1 being the Lock-Up Package and Stage 2 is the Verandahs which are optional.

The Lock-Up Package

The Lock-Up Package includes the supply of an extensive range of materials and components that would effectively lock-up the entire home, such as precision manufactured prefabricated wall frames and roof trusses, roofing capping, cladding (brick or weatherboard), window frames, doors and door frames, etc.  A comprehensive list of the Lock-Up components can be found in our Deluxe Components List.

Service, Support and Advice Line

Harkaway Homes have an excellent reputation both with our clients and within the housing industry.  Our success is firmly based on highly trained, dedicated staff offering strong customer service and support.  We offer a six days a week advice line with complete overview of the entire building process.  All with the common goal of producing a quality home.

For further information such as our Deluxe Components and Price List,
 please click on our "Contact Us" page and request an Information Package.

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